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Hello,​​Welcome to my retro computer and hobbies page.​

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

This WEB page is based on my general purpose hobby and retro computer curiosity.

In the retro computer, you will find my existing 8, 16 and 32 bit computers, especially the ATARI 800XL computer that my father bought in 1986. Some of them are PC-based systems that are recently used and suitable for the latest technological developments.

I follow various domestic and various international social media groups such as

I enjoy sharing it here with all retro enthusiasts who enjoy similar hobbies.

it is started in 1986 when I was in high school. The “ATARI 800XL” was my first computer. My father had brought it from Saudi Arabia from "HAJJ". I wanted "COMMODORE 64". It had been a huge disappointment. But at least I had a computer. It all started with him. I had it for two years in high school and university. The software I made in my project assignments during my university years was made by ATARI BASIC. Of course, I used PC 286 programs in the last years of university. For this reason, the software language I used in the projects was QBasic. ATARI and PC286 studies continued until the University ended in 1991.

I've always wondered what to do with software other than playing games. Gaming has never hooked me. It was more attractive to write code, to be able to do something by writing. I had nothing to reach other than the original magazines that I found occasionally besides the local documents. I bought ATARI USER magazines from a peddler who sells old magazines. I probably had over 20 original magazines. I was wondering what would come out by writing the codes in this magazine. I wrote many of them. Especially one of them was a list of codes in machine language, consisting only of numbers. The game that came out was “GAMBLING” slot machine simulator. I had compiled it by changing the information of the person who made it in the code and exchanged this game for another game in a game store. I don't know how far this game has spread, whether it has been sold or not. Of course, it is not a very ethical situation, but in those days it was an effort made with the excitement of the youth.

I was also able to buy the original book “MAPPING the ATARI”. I have never had the heart to use the original pages. I immediately made a copy and studied it. I still can't bear to touch that book. It has a different value for me.

When I started my business life in 1993, I couldn't touch this computer for many years. It has been stored in its box. However, my adventure that started with "TURBO PASCAL" on PC-based computers continued with professional software with "MS VISUAL BASIC 6".

I have two sons. One of them who saw the “ATARI 800XL” computer was wondered what it was. I said that this machine was never installed from 1993 to 2017.

By the way, my interest in retro computing was sparked again with my sharing with my dear colleague @KNG (Kaan Gülnihar). Thanks @KNG gifted me an A500+. In addition, after getting over an important health problem, it was a great morale for me to deal with Retro. It was a great pleasure. What was this curiosity? I think the resurgence of memories was the main reason for me to get away from stress. “AMIGA 500+”, “AMIGA 1200”, “C64”, “ATARI 1040 STe” that we could not reach in time, that we always looked up to with envy, and “ATARI FALCON030” whose name I only heard in 2018. Now they are all with me.

In 2018, my curiosity started to develop even more after @KNG brought me together with “CGTR Forum” “”. Due to the great support of my wife and the positive effect of the retro on me, it continued to grow even more. After 30-35 years, I had the pleasure of writing a game program "TREASURE in CAVE" for the first time with "ATARI ST STOS BASIC".

It still continues with great joy, I think it will continue until I die.


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