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Steel ruler and tape measure Calibration System

  • Mechanical design, assembly and control software of the device.​

  • It is possible to perform length calibrations of meters up to 20 meters according to OIMLR35 and 73/362/EEC standards.​

  • The system is brought to the desired target points with the help of a DC micromotor using computer software and joystick, and the distance values are determined with the reference measuring device Laser interferometer.​

  • The middle of the line thicknesses at the starting and target points are taken into account. The middle of the line thickness is determined using the "image processing" method.

10mBENCH - 3
10mBENCH - 1
10mBENCH - 2
  • "5m measurement system for treacable measurements of tapes and rules" Recent Developments in Dimensional Metrology – SPIE Conference, San Diego, USA, 1-8 August 2003, Dr. Tanfer YANDAYAN, Bülent ÖZGÜR"

  • “New Modular 10m-Bench System for Traceable Measurements of Steel Tapes and Rulers at TUBİTAK UME”, MacroScale 2017 - Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional MeasurementsFinland 2017, Bülent ÖZGÜR, Okhan GANİOĞLU, Muharrem AŞAR, Ali Ekber KARADAĞ

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Here, you can find my detailed projects.

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