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TÜBİTAK UME, National Metrology Institute of Türkiye, Dimensional Laboratory

The modular 10m-Bench system was designed and constructed by me in TUBİTAK UME Dimensional laboratory for calibration of all types of rules and tapes.

All systems are located on special design tables that are constructed by aluminum bars. The new system is mainly composed of 13 m rail system, mechanical parts, optical units and laser interferometer. The carriage movement is supplied with DC mini motor which is controlled by button from software or by a joystick. The motorized carriage is located on rails which have a camera for probing of the scales and a reflector of the laser. The image of the scale taken by the camera is viewed on the monitor screen together with developed software that has an ability to determine the middle position of the line automatically. Therefore the system can perform the probing process by simply placing the measured scales on the viewed target with the help of a motorized carriage. The carriage movement is measured by a laser interferometer. 10 m Bench angular errors are measured by laser interferometer with angular optics. Angular errors effects have already been included in the uncertainty evaluations. All cables in the 10 m bench system are guided by cable tray which is connected to the carriage. The developed software running under Windows environment. The measurement values are taken from the computer for evaluation according to (OIML R 35-1), European legal metrology (73/362/EEC) standards, or with the user specifications.

10mBENCH - 3
10mBENCH - 1
10mBENCH - 2

“New Modular 10m-Bench System for Traceable Measurements of Steel Tapes and Rulers at TUBİTAK UME”, Bülent ÖZGÜR, Okhan GANİOĞLU, Muharrem AŞAR, Ali Ekber KARADAĞ, MacroScale 2017 - Finland

Recent developments in traceable dimensional measurements

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